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  • 100% absolutely FREE fully-functional digital mapping software. All the digital mapping features you need at zero cost. Free UK digital maps included.
  • Direct access to top UK walking and biking routes by paid subscription + free maps included.
  • Create interactive digital map projects with your own rich media information
  • Perfect for hikers, bikers, anglers, birdwatchers and other outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Simplest and easiest to use digital mapping user interface, loaded with unique digital mapping features you won't find anywhere else.
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Mark Lewis, the Communications Officer for MREW:

    "Every recognised team and member of Mountain Rescue England & Wales will benefit from the Quo package receiving a free copy with associated maps."

Why You Need Digital Mapping?

to see what it's all about and how Mapyx Quo will help you get the most from your outdoor activities.

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Become a Quo user and gain exclusive access to 30% and more savings on Ordnance Survey Digital Maps

Mapyx Quo System Requirements

Operating system. Microsoft Windows 7 or higher

Minimum 512 MB of RAM


Click below on the benefits you are interested in to explore what Quo has to offer:
Mapping Routes using Google Earth Visualisation 100% Free Digital Mapping Software

It's absolutely Free Software, with no hidden costs or locked features.

OS 50K LandRanger Best Ordnance Survey Digital Map Prices

We offer you Best Price/Performance Ordnance Survey Digital Map Prices in the UK!

Easy Handling Easiest to use Digital Mapping Software for all outdoor activities

Perfect for hikers, birdwatchers, anglers, bikers and all other outdoor enthusiasts.

Route Profile + Preformance Easily find top route suggestions for your needs

Find the routes that most suit your style, based on length, difficulty, vantage points etc.

Add your multi-media information to your maps and share

Add your pictures, videos, comments and more to capture your perfect moments and share them with others

QBrowser & Google Earth & walkingworld Direct access to top UK routes

Direct access to top UK routes, including route suggestions by leading hikers, bikers, birdwatchers and anglers by paid subscription

Managed Content All the Digital Mapping features needed by outdoor enthusiasts

Everything you need, even if you're completely new to this

Unique advanced Digital Mapping features for experienced Digital Mapping users

Professional features to help you get more from your Digital Mapping.

100% Free Digital Mapping Software

It's absolutely Free, with no hidden costs, locked features or time-limited trials. Get it all with a single Zero Cost download.

Visualise your routes better using the Free Quo integration with Google Earth 3D cards

Yes, it's true, it's 100% Free. And no, it's not a demo version or a 30-day trial.

Fully Functional, 100% working, at Zero Price.

But Quo doesn't just come with the same features as all the other Digital Mapping Software tools. We've also added many unique features, catering to different outdoors enthusiasts, such as mountain-bikers, road cyclists, hikers, anglers, birdwatchers and others.

What our competitors charge you money for we give you Absolutely Free.

  • Unique Powerful Tools
    Quo comes packed with powerful tools to make the most of your Digital Mapping experience. Content management, distance and elevation measurements, direct access to top UK route suggestions, angler's diary, birdwatcher's diary, magnifying glasses, GPS & pocket PC & smart phones integration, 3D views, Google Earth 3D cards integration, dynamic route profiles, route performance previews and others.
  • Free UK Map Included
    Free OSM GB map (1:1.000.000) included. It covers the entire UK, showing major towns and cities, plus main roads and rivers. Everything neatly packed for an easy start with Quo. Just play around with it - everything is for free. Get started with Digital Mapping the easy way.
  • Professional Maps Included
    Plus, we'll provide you with a 30-day package of maps to play with: 1 tile of 1:50k Ordnance Survey Landranger Maps, 1 tile of 1:25k Ordnance Survey Explorer Maps and 1 tile of 1M Aerial Images.
  • Visualise Your Routes in Real 3D Satelite Images
    Want more? How about using powerful Quo Digital Mapping features on Google Earth 3D Views, on your own maps? Easily done with Quo. Finally a great way to visualise your routes in 3D!

Click here to see the full list of Quo features and benefits, available to you at No Charge whatsoever.

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Compare Quo Digital Mapping with Other GB Digital Mapping Tools

Compare Quo head to head with its top GB rivals. Quo comes with a Huge list of Unique Digital Mapping Features, and unlike any other GB Digital Mapping software, it is 100% Completely Free.

Exclusive Quo Digital Mapping Features l Standard Digital Mapping Features

Exclusive & Unique Mapyx Quo Digital Mapping Features

Unique Digital Mapping Features available Only through Mapyx Quo

Memory Map

MultiChart Technology

Zoom in and zoom out through different maps in different scales, changing dynamically without having to open each map individually 


Magnify map details for easier viewing

Transparent windows

Set windows to transparent mode when they are not active in order to see more of the map area

Synchronise Mouse to Colour

Lock route points to a certain colour for faster route creation

Multi Select

Multi select routes, tracks, waypoints in your project to change properties, export them to file, gps and more, to save your precious time and nerves

Compare Route

Compare different routes side by side on the same route profile graph

Google Earth File Type Import/Export

Import or export any KML (Google Earth) file type

Google Earth 3D View

Visualise your routes and tracks in 3D Google Earth landscapes

WalkingWorld direct link

Get instant access to your Walkingworld account inside Quo by paid subscription


Get access to more then 10.000 routes from most popular outdoor UK websites directly from within Quo

The Angler's Diary

Record your angling spots, catches and all other information on your angling adventures

Birdwatching Diary

Record your bird sightings with detailed sighting information, directly on your digital map, reflecing where you saw the bird, and even uso Quo to prepare reports for your county bird recorder

Trantner's Correction Time Rule

Trantner's correction to Naismith's Time Rule, adding your body fitness level to the calculation of how much time a certain trip will take

Quo's Custom Time Rule

Expanding on the Tranter's Correction Time Rule by also including ascent/descent angles to calculate the time needed for your trip and to help you set your pace at different angles

Ready to start your Free download?

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Or see how Quo compares with the other Digital Mapping tools when it comes to standard Digital Mapping features ...

Compare Standard Digital Mapping Features

Standard Digital Mapping features, available in most Digital Mapping tools, including Mapyx Quo

Memory Map

Manage Content

Add content such as video files, image files, documents and others to your Digital Map waypoints, tracks and routes

Crystal Clear OS Mapping

Genuine OS Maps in scales 1M, 250K, 50K and 25K


Complete unlimited history of all of the actions you made in Quo, making it easy to step back and repair

Search by Placename

Search through the OS Gazetteer by feature or place name

Jump TO Coordinate

Jump to any coordinate quickly and easy

Real-Time GPS

Plug your GPS into your laptop for it to give you directions and log your trip


See two maps at once and explore the same sites on two different scale

Multi Page Print

Print as many A4 pages as you like for convenient use while on the way

Print to Scale

Print maps at the scale of your choice

Route Profile

Calculate and display profile information

Dynamic profile

Graphical profiles update dynamically as you plan your route

Export to GPS

Export routes, waypoints and tracks to your GPS unit

Mobile Planner

Use your Maps with the Included Mobile Planner Application for Windows Mobile devices

3D View

Visualise your Routes and Tracks in 3D Landscapes

Quick Route Summary

All the relevant route data available in a short report

Route Card

Neatly packed crucial information on your trip

Naismith's Time Rule

Calculate the time needed for each leg of your route

Map Pan

Seamless mapping means no borders. Pan from one end of the country to the other.

Import Files (File Types Supported)

Import data from other Digital Mapping systems and other software

(103) incl. MemoryMap and Tracklogs (3) (10) (4)

Export Files (File Types Supported)

Export data to other Digital Mapping systems and other software

(103) incl. MemoryMap and Tracklogs (3) (10) (4)

Mapyx Quo Digital Mapping Overview with Screenshots

Take a detailed look at all the key features available in Mapyx Quo including actual screenshots. Simply Click the Feature Links Below for more detailed information.

Manage Content

Enrich your Digital Maps with multi-media content such as video files, images, sound recordings, various document formats and more, adding them to your maps, points of interest, tracks and routes.

Use our unique Managed Content module to create vivid diaries of your trips and adventures:

  • Capture and add photos of your hiking group to the places on your map where you took a break
  • Store beautiful photos of the views you took from that summit and add them to your map
  • Add additional waypoints with added notes, such as escape routes, points of interest or peaks you might want to visit the next time
  • Anglers will enjoy adding photos of their catches next to the locations on the map where they caught them
  • Birdwatchers can take pictures of their bird sightings and add them to the sighting locations on their maps to keep a record of where you saw what
  • Save all of this information as a project file in Quo to retrieve later and share with your group members, your friends and your family

Manage Content
Add multi-media information to your Digital Maps

Using Digital Mapping and Mapyx Quo

How Birdwatchers, Hikers, Bikers, Anglers and other Outdoor Enthusiasts can get the most from Digital Mapping.

How Mapyx Quo Helps Hikers

Professional Digital Mapping really is a must for hikers wanting to get the most out of their time and experiences.

  • Finding and deciding on the right hiking destination.
  • Selecting the best track to get you there, both based on what you would like to see and also based on your fitness level, available time, track difficulty and more
  • Easily finding your way by car to the starting point for your hike
  • Finding the best sights, resting places and even restaurants on the hike
  • Avoiding any dangers on the way, including uncrossable areas
  • Recording your experiences (comments, notes, warnings, videos, photos, sound recordings etc.) after the trip to share with others or to make your own future trips more exciting and fun

Mapyx Quo, the leading GB Digital Mapping provider, makes all of this and more a breeze. Get rid of your old paper maps and replace them with dynamic Digital Mapping that ads your own thoughts, routes and experiences to your maps.

And the best part - Mapyx Quo is 100% free! No hidden charges. No 30-day trials. Completely free.

Personalise your maps with Quo image

Route performance, 3D views, GPS compatibility, personalising your maps and much more... all this available in Quo - Free of charge.

Top Track & Destination Recommendations and Routes Available Directly in Quo

Get access to more than 10.000 routes from the most popular UK outdoors websites directly from within Quo.

Why bother and search the Web for useful trip ideas and important information on your trip plans? Quo has a one-click connection to 10.000+ top tracks, routes and destinations to help you decide, as well as to double check your plotted route for any dangers, path changes, accommodations for the night etc.

Quo Browser image

Access top track and destination recommendations directly from Quo

Quo also gives you instant and direct access to WalkingWorld route suggestions and routes, which you can import directly on to your maps in Quo.WalkingWorld provides you with route suggestions, photos, restaurant and sightseeing informations on the route and much more.

WalkingWorld subscribers get direct access to their account, but non-users will still be able to at least enjoy access to short route descriptions.

All of this information can be directly imported to your maps showing you the distances, difficulty levels, different trip suggestions and more. In addition, you can modify these pre-defined routes any way you like, adding your own additional waypoints, combining them or manipulating them in other ways.

Quo then helps you neatly print out all of the important trip information on a Route Card to use as a guide or reminder during your trip.

Lowest OS Digital Map Prices in the UK

For an easy start Mapyx Quo already comes with a totally Free Map of Great Britain (1:1M) for your basic Digital Mapping needs, as well as allowing you to import 3D Google Earth Cards with satelite images of your destinations on top of which you can also overlay the main roads and your route waypoints.

GB Map image

OSM map added to every Quo FREE of charge.

For those with more advanced needs who require Professional Maps, such as 1:25k OS Explorer Maps or 1:50k OS Landranger Maps, Quo provides the Lowest OS Digital Map Prices in the UK. Save up to 60%!

Enjoy the same high-level discounts for any OS Maps you need, including Roadmaps, National Park Maps, Aerial Maps and others.

Use Quo to Decide Which Path to Take

After you've decided where to go, Quo will help you select the optimum track to get there, such as:

  • Helping you select an easy track, because you're taking your whole family to the trip and need to adjust the trip difficulty to them or
  • Helping you find the most difficult track possible because you want to get ready for that next marathon or something!

Draw your paths point by point and then compare them side by side to see which is the best for your current needs.

Quo will provide you with all information you need for your hiking trip:

  • Leg distances, compass bearings and total journey lengths for each of your created routes.
  • Check all the hill heights along the way and their elevation profiles to get a feeling for how demanding the journey will be.
  • Dynamic route profiles provide you with full route details as you are putting your waypoints on the map, immediately telling you if you might be setting up yourself for a too difficult journey.
  • Follow your tracks with a 3D preview to visualize your entire journey.
  • Use Aerial photos to see what the terrain really looks like.
Aerial Map image

Use Aerial Maps to see what your destination and route really look like

Accurately Estimate Your Trip Time

Quo comes with 3 modules to help you estimate the time needed for your journey based on both the route profile and your fitness level.

  • Naismith's rule
  • Tranter's correction
  • Exclusive Quo's rule for even more accuracy

Accurately estimating the time needed for your trip or individual legs of your trip will help you get there on time so that you don't miss anything important (museum opening times, sight-seeing tours, etc.) or get stranded somewhere in the middle of the night.

Quo Will Lead You All the Way

Once you've setup your hiking expedition simply print out your Digital Map s on paper to take with you on your journey, along with your waypoints, comments, additional route information and anything else you need.

Print multiple OS Map sheets image

Quo makes it easy to print out even larger areas on multiple sheets of paper

Things get even better if you have a GPS device, Pocket PC or a SmartPhone. Simply export your routes into one of these devices and then use them to navigate throughout your hike.

Use these navigational devices to show you the way, show you your current location, and even record your movements to import them back into Quo once your trip is over to analyze your hike.

OS Map route preview on GPS image

Your route previewed in a GPS device

Archive and Share Every Little Detail of Your Trip

Once you return from your trip simply upload the tracklogs from your GPS back to your PC to see the actual actual route you took, your walking speed, distance covered, elevation covered and more.

On top of that add your photos, comments, videos and other notes to your hike project file to share with your friends or to use for future trips.

Get Started With Quo Today

Again, Quo is Completely Free of Charge and comes loaded with pre-packed Maps you can play around with. There is absolutely no risk for you so just: Simply Go Quo.

UK Digital Maps at the Lowest Prices

Quo works with all the professional Ordnance Survey, Ordnance Survey Ireland, Ordnance Survey North Ireland and Slovenian maps.

Even better, we bring you the Best Digital Map Prices in Great Britain, with great savings of 30% and More if compared to our competition. Not only is our software Free, you can also make big savings on your Professional Digital Map purchases.

[you can purchase these maps directly from within Quo once you've completed your Free download]

Ordnance Survey open data offer Ordnance Survey Tiles Offer












Reviews and Testimonials

See why Mapyx Quo is rated as the Best Digital Mapping Application by both professional and everyday outdoor enthusiasts ...

Click below on the testimonial you are interested in reading:
Paul Webster, Top Scottish Trail Expert and Walk Highlands founder

Paul is a Digital Mapping expert, convinced that Quo is better than Memory Map or Anquet.

Peter Judd, Leading UK GPS Training Expert

Peter evaluates Quo as a user friendly system and points out the big Digital Map savings available through Quo.

Gary Wales,

Gary puts it simply: Quo is a better product.

Mike Thompson, Top OS Map Printing Expert, Aqua 3

Mike was breath-taken by the fact that Quo costs nothing and the maps are incredibly cheap.

Marko Perpar, Top UK licenced MTB Guide

"Something that all mountain bikers simply need to have."

Joze Rovan, Slovenian Mountaineering Association

Their professional everyday work with Slovanian routes and tracks wouldn't be possible without Quo Slovenia.

Walkingworld expert review, Leading hikers' website in UK

Expert review, TOP website for outdoor enthusiasts

Expert review, popular website for anglers

Expert review

MultiChart Technology Gavin S McKay, Dundee University

Gavin, big Digital Mapping fan, is delighted with the service and happy to know there are still companies that actually care about customer satisfaction.

GPS software reviews, PDA Essentials March 2007

Expert review

What do everyday outdoor enthusiasts say about Quo?

Just a small sample of e-mail messages received from our customers ...

Paul Webster, Top Scottish Trail Expert and Walk Highlands* founder

Paul is a digital mapping expert, convinced that Quo is better than Memory Map or Anquet.

"Quo first came to our attention due to its low prices for Digital Ordnance Survey Maps - up to half the price of its competitors. Would the downside be software that was difficult to use or with less options than Memory Map or Anquet?

To our surprise, we found that the answer is no - we at Walkhighlands have found Quo to be the easiest to use and most fully featured mapping software on the market.

We like it so much that we've made all our routes available as Quo downloads.

It couldn't be easier to use, with everything available on a context menu brought up by a right-click of the mouse, whether it's adding waypoints or exporting the route to your GPS. You can add more maps - Explorer or Landranger scale - by simply downloading them at great prices.

Best of all for those of us that have used other mapping software in the past - when Mapyx brought out a new version of Quo, you could buy the latest OS mapping at a big discount."

*Walk Highlands is the award-winning independent website for walkers. With well over 2,000 site visitors each day, Walk Highlands is now the number one walking website in Scotland. Founded by keen hillwalkers Helen and Paul Webster, the site is based in and run from the Highlands. Their traffic has increased by 300% during 2008. The website has won the very presitigious Scottish Thistle Award for Innovation - recognised as an Oscar of the Tourism Industry.

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