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  • Create interactive digital map projects with your own rich media information
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Mark Lewis, the Communications Officer for MREW:

    “Every recognised team and member of Mountain Rescue England & Wales will benefit from the Quo package receiving a free copy with associated maps.”

Why You Need Digital Mapping?

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Mapyx Quo System Requirements

Operating system. Microsoft Windows

Minimum 512 MB of RAM


Mapyx Quo Digital Mapping Overview with Screenshots

Take a detailed look at all the key features available in Mapyx Quo including actual screenshots. Simply Click the Feature Links Below for more detailed information.

Manage Content

Enrich your Digital Maps with multi-media content such as video files, images, sound recordings, various document formats and more, adding them to your maps, points of interest, tracks and routes.

Use our unique Managed Content module to create vivid diaries of your trips and adventures:

  • Capture and add photos of your hiking group to the places on your map where you took a break
  • Store beautiful photos of the views you took from that summit and add them to your map
  • Add additional waypoints with added notes, such as escape routes, points of interest or peaks you might want to visit the next time
  • Anglers will enjoy adding photos of their catches next to the locations on the map where they caught them
  • Birdwatchers can take pictures of their bird sightings and add them to the sighting locations on their maps to keep a record of where you saw what
  • Save all of this information as a project file in Quo to retrieve later and share with your group members, your friends and your family

Manage Content
Add multi-media information to your Digital Maps

Download free digital mapping