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  • Land-Form PANORAMA┬« (Digital Terrain Model) - FREE
  • OS 1:250,000 Colour Raster (Road Map) - FREE
  • Miniscale Map┬« (Small Scale Map) - FREE
  • OS 1:50,000 Gazetteer - FREE
  • Award Winning Digital Mapping Software
  • Exclusive Digital Mapping Features not offered by ANY competitor
  • Free Digital Maps included
  • Access to the Best Ordnance Survey Digital Map prices in the UK

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Mark Lewis, the Communications Officer for MREW:

    “Digital mapping has been a project we have been investigating for some time and the wait has certainly paid off in choosing Mapyx as a partner to supply a solution to our specification at no cost. Since our first meeting with Mapyx I have never looked back. Every recognised team and member of Mountain Rescue England & Wales will benefit from the Quo package receiving a free copy with associated maps.This is a great achievement for MREW to enable a common GIS platform to be available across England & Wales - and without teams having to spend any of their limited funds.”