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OS 50K Landranger Tiles
50K Landranger OS mapping software 50K Landranger OS mapping software 50K Landranger OS mapping software

OS 50K Landranger Tiles

Latest version from Ordnance Survey. This is the most popular outdoor map using in GB and offer the best price performance on market.

Tiles are 40x40 km

Mapyx Quo Header

Mapyx Quo Header
£ 0.85 + VAT

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Features and benefits

  • Shows all roads and buildings as blocks of colour to allow easy identification of land features.
  • Its clarity is particularly suited for planning.
  • Directly derived from Ordnance Survey Landranger production database, resulting in high quality image and resolution.  
£ 0.85 + VAT

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Mark Lewis

"Every recognised team and member of Mountain Rescue England & Wales will benefit from the Quo package receiving a free copy with associated maps."

Mark Lewis, the Communications Officer for MREW

Gavin S McKay

"It is difficult to put into words just how delighted I am with your service and attention to detail."

Gavin S McKay

Dave Mycroft

"Quo is becoming my default mapping software after years of Memory Map."

Dave Mycroft

Mike Thompson

"Quo Mapping by Mapyx offers something rather refreshing, as the product updates and improves it actually gets easier to use."

Mike Thompson, Aqua 3

Paul Webster

"We at Walkhighlands have found Quo to be the easiest to use and most fully featured mapping software on the market."

Paul Webster, Walkhighlands