Mapping for personal users
MX Map Web Monthly Subscription

MX Map Web Monthly Subscription

Full GB Mapping at multiple scales on all internet enabled devices.
£ 1.67 + VAT

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Mapyx MXMap Web™ system is designed to permit the User to view OS mapping at multiple scales on any internet enabled device supporting HTML5, including Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android etc.


• MXMapWeb™ functions on a cross platform portal via internet connection, so it will work on any system with an established internet connection, such as smart-phone, tablet, pc.

• LATEST Ordnance Survey Mapping for FULL GB at the following scales: Overview, 1:1m, 250k, 50k, 25k, down to 1:10k Streetview Mapping).

• Upload your Routes/planned walks to the system and customise attributes.

• View your own location on compatible devices with location service/GPS.

• Save your Tracks where you walked and download them to other systems.

• Payable on an as-needed Monthly, 6-Monthly or Annual Subscription.

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£ 1.67 + VAT