Mapyx Subscription Service

An Amazing Package! £9.99 (ex-VAT) per month.

Have you ever wanted to use Mapyx Quo
AND FULL GB Ordnance Survey Mapping?

Outline of Great Britain
1:250,000 Road Map
1:50,000 (Landranger)
1:25,000 (Explorer)
1:10,000 Street View

Well now you can! Mapyx Quo and ALL the above GB Ordnance Survey Mapping AND ONLY pay on a month by month term. So you get to choose when you want to use full GB Ordnance Survey Mapping.

And for the incredible price of just £9.99 (ex-VAT) per month! You can choose whether you just want this amazing mapping for just one month, or every month!

Key Benefits:

  • Full GB Ordnance Survey Mapping as above.
  • Streamed to you via the Ordnance Survey server via Mapyx Quo.
  • Maintained & Updated by Ordnance Survey.
  • Cancellable after the end of each month - 7 days notice.
  • Personal and route data stored on your computer, not on a server.
  • Maps are streamed via the internet.
  • Mapyx Quo functionality on your computer.
  • Amazing Subscription Only price for full GB Ordnance Survey mapping.


How does it work?
You sign up to the Mapyx subscription service and you will immediately be able to access full GB Ordnance Survey Mapping streamed into your computer.
Can I cancel the service if I want to?
Yes, you only pay on a month by month basis, so can cancel anytime, up to 7 days before the end of the month period end.
Do I need an internet connection?
Yes, an internet connection is needed since the mapping is streamed to your computer.
Can I subscribe for 1 month only?
Sign-up is for a minimum period of 1 month but you choose when you want the service, month by month or only for the period you want the service.
If I lose my internet connection do I immediately lose my maps?
The maps are streamed to you via Mapyx systems from the Ordnance Survey server. They are stored in your computer cache for a short period, but for uninterrupted access, you need an internet connection.
How much will I save?
If you buy full GB at 1:50k and 1:25k scales it would cost over £6,000 and the maps would be out of date at the next release. With subscription, you get updated maps on a monthly basis, which would cost £119.88 (ex- VAT) for a full 12-month period.
If I lose my internet connection do I lose my data?
No, the data that you produce, such as routes, are stored on your desktop, so it is always under your control.
Can I still use my existing bought map tiles on my computer?
Yes you can, but not at the same time. You can either use the subscription service or your previously downloaded map tiles.
Is there a delay in accessing mapping?
The speed of access is governed by the speed of your internet connection and computer.
Are the maps up to date?
The maps are streamed direct via Ordnance Survey, so are up to date.
Can I use maps on more than one computer?
Yes, the service is paid for on a month by month basis and you can use more than one computer loaded with Mapyx Quo, just not at the same time.
Can I use the system remotely?
Yes, you can use it anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.
Can I still buy map tiles and use them?
Yes you can. Mapyx still sell map tiles individually.
Can I use the maps on Mapyx Quo and another mapping system?
No, it can only be used on Mapyx Quo.
Is this service for business use?
No, this is for Personal User and Educational use only.
*Mapyx Terms and Conditions apply - see website for details.

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