Mountain Rescue England and Wales Leads the Way in Search & Rescue Technology

Mapyx Quo

The system, known as SARMAN™ Search & Rescue Management Solutions, is a modular system providing the capability to better plan, coordinate and manage the work of MREW and other search and rescue organisations.

Peter Bell, President of Mountain Rescue England and Wales stated: "Mapyx has worked tirelessly to fine-tune their QUO digital mapping software to encompass the operational demands of a mountain rescue environment and to develop its new SARMAN™ software. Linked to, indeed part of, this advanced facility, they have similarly fine-tuned their SARMAN™ system to operate with various communications platforms, which will provide the integrated, on scene, partner to the Mapyx search and rescue management applications. QUO and SARMAN™ software coupled with approved hand-held devices are not, however, restricted to search and rescue operations. This combination will, I am convinced, provide a most valuable adjunct to safety, whatever the environment."

Ewan Thomas, National Water Officer of MREW: "Mapyx has been an excellent development partner for the project to provide MR teams with class leading search planning and management software.
The SARMAN™ application has been developed from first principles to provide an incident management system that is fully integrated into the Quo digital mapping platform.
The powerful combination of Quo, the Mapyx tracking system and SARMAN™ will make a significant contribution to search and rescue planning and incident management in England and Wales."

Steven Wood, Chairman of Mapyx, stated, "Following on from MREW selecting Mapyx as "Official GIS and Mapping Partner", Mapyx elected to develop specific search and rescue software to assist MREW in its operations. Our new SARMAN™ software is our contribution to the important work of MREW and by working closely together with MREW, we believe that we have developed a system that will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of all search and rescue operations. Sarman™ is undergoing field testing with MREW in March 2010 and will be operational in April 2010."

The SARMAN™ software has been designed in conjunction with MREW and provides operational improvements including:

  • Use of digital topographic maps and aerial maps at various scales to provide accurate ground data.
  • Use of Mapyx Quo Professional software functionality to provide detailed routing and tracking information.
  • Reduction of set-up time for establishing search parameters to improve planning and management resulting in increased efficiency and accuracy of searches.
  • Live communication and tracking interfaces permitting better coordination of search teams and providing immediate feedback of search progress.
  • Coordination of multiple search teams and equipment across multiple incidents.
  • Automated process management tasks to provide better, faster and more reliable information with fast, bespoke or standardised reporting functionality.
  • A modular system that can be expanded or reduced depending upon functionality requirements.
  • "Black box" recording of all planning and field operations.
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    For more information, contact:
    Mapyx at or phone 01392 241 428.
    MREW can be contacted at

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    • Mountain Rescue England and Wales Leads the Way in Search & Rescue Technology

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