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What is tracking?

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Trackers are fixed to a participant’s rucksack and Tracking systems display the locations of the trackers on receiving devices such as computers, mobile phones, and web portal. Therefore, trackers can be used to monitor the location and progress of groups on expeditions.

There are many ways satellite trackers can be used to meet duty of care requirements – ranging from SOS response to automatic tracking of a full journey.

The Mapyx Tracking Solution is the most comprehensive tracking solution available and the only DofE Recommended solution. Tracking is available on PC, mobile (Android and iOS) and Web.

Back-up solutions on SMS Text.

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To view a simple video.

Mapyx Quo v2 and Tracking - YouTube

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Why Mapyx?

We are the best at what we do. Giving Leaders, teachers, participants, and parents peace of mind, enhancing the experience, safety, education, and protection of anyone taking part in all forms of outdoor activity.


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*Tracking systems - The Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DofE) Shopping

** SPOT For Schools | Saved by SPOT | GB (findmespot.com)

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Why schools come to us:


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1.    A group of people walking on a path in a grassy area

Description automatically generated with low confidenceWe are the ONLY Company Recommended by The Duke of Edinburgh's Award for Tracking, for over 13 years.

2.    We are the ONLY Company who provide a fully integrated system, with full OS mapping, full support, multiple back-up solutions and full accreditation – ‘not just an internet portal’ as described by one client.

3.    Our staff are actively involved in education, DofE and rescue services, so understand the fundamental requirements of a comprehensive and usable tracking system. We do not just design software; we use it and train people how to use it.

4.    If you need emergency assistance you can get it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

5.    We use Ordnance Survey Mapping and NOT Google Maps, which are virtually useless in the outdoor environment.

6.    Mapyx has unique accreditation:

a.    Supplier to the Maritime Coastguard Agency.

b.    Mountain Rescue England & Wales Official GIS & Digital Mapping Partner.

c.     British Cave Rescue Council Official GIS & Digital Mapping Partner.

d.    Search & Rescue Dog Association Exclusive Official Mapping Partner.

e.    Lowland Search & Rescue Exclusive Official Mapping Partner.

f.      Ordnance Survey, Ordnance Survey Ireland, Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland & Land & Property Services Official Partner.

g.     Official MOD Contractor and Supplier.

h.    Supplier to hundreds of Schools, Councils, Cadet Forces.


We strongly recommend Spot Trackers for DofE; however, we supply all types of tracking devices and solutions. Depending on your requirements, we can advise the best solution for your expedition needs.

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Dominic Turpin, DofE Coordinator, Olchfa School, Swansea
“The Mapyx Tracking System has revolutionised the way we manage our DofE Expeditions. No more sitting around waiting for hours for groups to arrive, wondering where they are and if they are safe, especially in poor weather conditions. Now we have an update of their locations every five minutes. It means we can anticipate problems before they arise and if there were an injury, quickly pinpoint their location. It means we can use our staff far more efficiently so that they arrive at checkpoints at appropriate times and can then move on to the next checkpoint. It also means that at gold level, we can maintain our distance from the groups, while still having an overview of their progress.

I have only used the Out-of-Hours Emergency Service once when I had a technical query, but they answered on a Sunday morning and resolved my problems within ten minutes! I would never go back to not using Trackers; it has created an additional safety level on our DofE expeditions which pupils, parents and staff really appreciate.”
Trudie Raftery, DofE Manager, Oundle School, East Northamptonshire
“Pupils feel reassured that we can find them using the Mapyx tracking system if they get lost. 
We have many expedition groups out at the same time and therefore having such an easy-to-use system as Mapyx is essential. We can see pupils in real time, locate a group by quick text or TrackWeb, and can see where they have been walking and where they went wrong.”
















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Contact us for your free personalised no obligation quotation


01392 241 428


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For further System Information please click the link below.

Tracking for Education - 3S Group Ltd.