Mike Thompson, Top OS Map Printing Expert, Aqua 3*

Mike was breath-taken by the fact that Quo costs nothing and the maps are incredibly cheap.

"The word technology no longer means a new washing machine, widescreen telly or the ultimate men’s gadget.

Technology is now something consisting of lots of these 0 and these 1, it doesn’t smell, you can’t touch or feel it and without more technology it doesn’t even work.

Just as we get to grips with the web things are due to change.

Poor old spidey, the web now is old hat. The new method of complicating our lives is about to get even quicker, 10,000 times quicker.

Welcome to the “Grid”.


Like many folk out there I have to hold my hands up and say I am totally reliant on virtual systems programs and email, but I’m not really at ease with it all particularly the security and the ease of use bit.

Robbers used to do trains and banks and craftsmen made things you could use without instructions but not anymore.

The question is, has the Speed to market of new innovative products put an end to all logical design? B****y right it has.

UK Mapping is a perfect example being in the mist of uncertainty, with questions asked of who actually owns it and who paid for it in the first place.

The battle for freedom of information and the reluctance of governments to act quickly enough to keep pace with products and public demand is causing mayhem.

Add to this marketing spin from software companies that promise ease of use and have long winded so called support services. What happened to the good old fashioned please help me I’m stuck service?

I’ve tried various mapping programs all of which boast “even you sir can not get lost with this simple system”. Boll***s

I need time to bond and play with my new mapping software without silly time penalties. I also want a fully functional system that lets me push buttons without constant hassle of being forced onto internet pages saying “that just cost you another chunk pal”.

Most of all when I get stuck using free software and I will I’ll still need help at some point and I don’t want to be on the phone for 3 days or send an email to Hal.

There is one company and product which does show promise. I’m not going to bamboozle you with techno trash about what it can or cannot do; I’ll leave that to the blogs bods.

Quo Mapping by Mapyx offers something rather refreshing, as the product updates and improves it actually gets easier to use.

Let’s keep it simple.

You can download a free fully functional version that actually works and without time penalties.

This free download allows you to play around with basic mapping data and gain confidence and familiarity which oil the old logic gland.

As you gain experience this basic free version will allow you to choose and download and pay for OS data online...

Take a deep breath. Mapping available from Ordnance Survey include 1:50000 (Landranger, the pink ones) or the more detailed 1:25000 (OL Explorer, the old Yellow ones which changed into the yellow and orange) and Explorer (small green ones which got bigger and now colored just orange).

Well after all that how does Quo make money? Surprisingly the answer is simple, mapping data and various upgrades.

This method does make sense. If the free stuff doesn’t work or is hard to use or the help service fails Quo loose out on data sales and upgrades.

It’s a live or die approach but logical."

*AQUA3® was launched in March 1994 and by January 1995 the number of sales accounts had moved from one sole customer to 140. The brand was becoming more popular but the films used were still designed for flat sheet encapsulation and lacked the flexibility desired by users. Chartech needed a 2nd generation film. Two years Further research and development resulted in new Patent map system in 1996 which is still used today. Aqua3 utilises GB Patent N°. 2312869.