Differences Between Digital Maps

Outdoor enthusiasts new to Digital Mapping often ask us why they really need professional Digital Maps and how are Ordnance Survey Digital Maps different from, for example, just using Google Maps.

The difference is simple: it's all in the details.

Just do a quick comparison of these 3 maps of the same area and you'll immediately see the difference:

Google Maps
Google map image

Ordnance Survey Landranger Maps 50K
OS Landranger Map image

Ordnance Survey Explorer Maps 25K - Even more detail
OS Explorer Map image

For a close-up, please click here.

There's really no comparison.

Ordnance Survey Digital Maps not only include the details you need to plan and enjoy your outdoor trips, but also include everything you need to navigate through the great UK outdoors.

Furthermore, once you start using Digital Maps you will be able to precisely plot your trips, calculate distances between waypoints and the time needed to reach them, preview route difficulty, uncover any impassable obstacles on the way and much much more.

Really, no comparison whatsoever.